[kata-dev] Haomin comes into elections~~~

Xu Wang xu at hyper.sh
Wed Sep 11 14:15:24 UTC 2019

Welcome Haomin

> On Sep 11, 2019, at 2:45 PM, caihaomin <caihaomin at huawei.com> wrote:
> Hi all~
> Haomin Tsai from Huawei Container team wants to join the elections~~
> Before I was just a little brother of ZhangWei, Hahaha, now I become a big boy~
> I want to make more contribution to Kata and I want to join the AC~~
> Here is my pr
> https://github.com/kata-containers/community/pull/119
> Name: Haomin Tsai
> Email: caihaomin at huawei.com
> Introduction:
> I am now working as a Senior Engineer in Huawei Corporation, leading a technical team
> to provide container solutions for other departments in our Corporation and Huawei Public Cloud.
> We focus on docker/containerd/kata-containers/linux kernel and other infrastructure technology.
> I am now working on Kunpeng Arch which based on arm64 extended.
> Before Kata, I was a docker/contaienrd developer and spent time working on operating system.
> In the early days of Kata's establishment, I participated in it. After that my team and I wishes 
> to make a good product for more users. 
> Last year, our product Huawei Cloud Container Instance(aka CCI) which based on Kata has a rapid growth. 
> After this period of practice, we truely believe that Kata is really a good solution in production. 
> We extended the use of the scene based on Kata and enhanced the scene 
> including genetic calculation, AI calculation, CDN, big data and so on.
> Talking about community, a good community makes both developers and users comfortable. 
> And I think Kata is one of these communitiesm, beyond this  Kata even is going to become 
> the cornerstone of cloud computing, not only in serverless/multi-tenant scene,
> but also in more general scenes.
> Next I want to talk a little about future. If I can be honored to take one of the seats, 
> my goals are composed of two parts: 
> First part, I want to promote our production practice which will make users more comfortable. 
> Second part, our team are now working on Kunpeng Arch, 
> and I think we have a further work to do for Kata based on Kunpeng.
> I hope I can get this seat and make contribution to the community.
> ^_^
> BR~
> Haomin
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