[kata-dev] Haomin comes into elections~~~

caihaomin caihaomin at huawei.com
Wed Sep 11 06:45:29 UTC 2019

Hi all~

Haomin Tsai from Huawei Container team wants to join the elections~~

Before I was just a little brother of ZhangWei, Hahaha, now I become a big boy~
I want to make more contribution to Kata and I want to join the AC~~

Here is my pr

Name: Haomin Tsai

Email: caihaomin at huawei.com


I am now working as a Senior Engineer in Huawei Corporation, leading a technical team
to provide container solutions for other departments in our Corporation and Huawei Public Cloud.
We focus on docker/containerd/kata-containers/linux kernel and other infrastructure technology.
I am now working on Kunpeng Arch which based on arm64 extended.

Before Kata, I was a docker/contaienrd developer and spent time working on operating system.
In the early days of Kata's establishment, I participated in it. After that my team and I wishes 
to make a good product for more users. 
Last year, our product Huawei Cloud Container Instance(aka CCI) which based on Kata has a rapid growth. 
After this period of practice, we truely believe that Kata is really a good solution in production. 
We extended the use of the scene based on Kata and enhanced the scene 
including genetic calculation, AI calculation, CDN, big data and so on.

Talking about community, a good community makes both developers and users comfortable. 
And I think Kata is one of these communitiesm, beyond this  Kata even is going to become 
the cornerstone of cloud computing, not only in serverless/multi-tenant scene,
 but also in more general scenes.

Next I want to talk a little about future. If I can be honored to take one of the seats, 
my goals are composed of two parts: 
First part, I want to promote our production practice which will make users more comfortable. 
Second part, our team are now working on Kunpeng Arch, 
and I think we have a further work to do for Kata based on Kunpeng.

I hope I can get this seat and make contribution to the community.



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