[kata-dev] [ANNOUNCEMENT] Kata Containers 1.4.0 release

Tao Peng bergwolf at hyper.sh
Fri Nov 23 10:29:11 UTC 2018

Hello Kata-ers,

I am happy to announce Kata Containers 1.4.0 release. It comes with
several nice new features and many bug-fixes. All users are
recommended to upgrade.

The 1.4.0 release highlights following features:

- Host cgroups support: qemu process and vcpu threads are now put in
proper cpu cgroup in the host and cpu quota and period are used to
constrain them.

- NEMU `virt` machine type support: The new machine type is specially
optimized for cloud environments and thus a great fit for Kata
Containers use case. For more information about NEMU, see

- New NetInterworkingModel `none`: It works with tap endpoint types so
that enlightened CNI plugins can add tap devices to a sandbox
directly, bypassing host network namespaces and thus provide better
performance with less network setup complexity.

- New NetInterworkingModel `tcfilter`: Yet another method for Kata
Containers to bridge the host netns veth and guest tap device, with TC
filter rules. With it, Kata Containers have better compatibility with
different network endpoint types.

- Enable macvlan and ipvlan network support: These two networking
models provide lightweight and fast access to underlay or host
interfaces without NATTing.

- Guest rootfs image can now have a `guest_hook_path` to save a bunch
of prestart/poststart/prestop/poststop hook binaries, and they will be
executed in the guest at specified container life cycle point

For full details, please see

Kudos to all Kata community members for making it happen!


bergwolf at hyper.sh

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