[kata-dev] [ac] Identifying VMT members and moderation of embargo-notice ML

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Wed Nov 21 21:35:58 UTC 2018

On 2018-10-30 16:34:41 +0000 (+0000), Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> the embargo-notice ML Anne set up (which is intended for advance
> distribution of vulnerability fixes to downstream stakeholders of
> Kata software) is still only moderated by OSF staff at the moment.
> Ideally, the task of moderating this list would be handed off to
> the Kata Containers Vulnerability Management Team so that it
> serves as a final cross-check of each others' embargoed pre-KCSA
> notices to downstream stakeholders. If the AC wishes I'm willing
> to also participate as a list admin/moderator of last resort, in
> case there are emergency technical issues with management of the
> ML itself (as a longstanding member of the OpenStack project VMT I
> help run the corresponding mailing list it uses, so am well-versed
> in these matters).

Following decisions in the 2018-11-05 AC meeting, I have set the
current AC members listed at
as owners of the embargo-notice list until such time as they are
able to delegate the related duties. I have also added myself and
kept Thierry as backup list owners in case our assistance with list
configuration is required. I removed the other OSF staff from the
owner and moderator fields.

> It would also be good to ensure that the LP project
> https://launchpad.net/katacontainers.io (used both for private
> reporting of suspected security vulnerabilities and also formal
> requests to become subscribers of the embargo-notice ML) is shared
> with the Kata Containers VMT so that they can perform the functions
> outlined in their published process. I'm happy to assist the AC with
> making those configuration changes if desired.

After gaining administrator rights from Anne (thanks!) to the
https://launchpad.net/~kata-containers/+members team which maintains
that project, I deactivated her account and elevated all the current
AC members to administrators as well so they can maintain it going
forward. I left myself and an administrator for now but will happily
demote or even deactivate my account if desired. I also left
Thierry's account active in case you want two OSF staff as backup
administrators to help with LP project configuration. I further left
Julio Montes's administrator account there for now until I can get
confirmation as to how the AC wishes to proceed in that regard
(i.e., whether he will be a seed member of the VMT). I also removed
the explicit "all" grant to Anne's account under
https://launchpad.net/katacontainers.io/+sharing so that only the
kata-containers (AC) team mentioned above has access to all private
and private security bug reports from this point on.

I'll follow up with details on any more actions after the 2018-11-28
conference call Claire has arranged with the AC.
Jeremy Stanley
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