[kata-dev] [ANNOUNCEMENT] Kata Containers 1.4.0 release

Xu Wang xu at hyper.sh
Fri Nov 23 10:58:01 UTC 2018

Good job!


On Fri, Nov 23, 2018, 18:29 Tao Peng <bergwolf at hyper.sh wrote:

> Hello Kata-ers,
> I am happy to announce Kata Containers 1.4.0 release. It comes with
> several nice new features and many bug-fixes. All users are
> recommended to upgrade.
> The 1.4.0 release highlights following features:
> - Host cgroups support: qemu process and vcpu threads are now put in
> proper cpu cgroup in the host and cpu quota and period are used to
> constrain them.
> - NEMU `virt` machine type support: The new machine type is specially
> optimized for cloud environments and thus a great fit for Kata
> Containers use case. For more information about NEMU, see
> https://github.com/intel/nemu.
> - New NetInterworkingModel `none`: It works with tap endpoint types so
> that enlightened CNI plugins can add tap devices to a sandbox
> directly, bypassing host network namespaces and thus provide better
> performance with less network setup complexity.
> - New NetInterworkingModel `tcfilter`: Yet another method for Kata
> Containers to bridge the host netns veth and guest tap device, with TC
> filter rules. With it, Kata Containers have better compatibility with
> different network endpoint types.
> - Enable macvlan and ipvlan network support: These two networking
> models provide lightweight and fast access to underlay or host
> interfaces without NATTing.
> - Guest rootfs image can now have a `guest_hook_path` to save a bunch
> of prestart/poststart/prestop/poststop hook binaries, and they will be
> executed in the guest at specified container life cycle point
> accordingly.
> For full details, please see
> https://github.com/kata-containers/runtime/releases/tag/1.4.0
> Kudos to all Kata community members for making it happen!
> Cheers,
> Tao
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> bergwolf at hyper.sh
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