[kata-dev] Updated invitation with note: Kata containers backlog review meeting @ Weekly from 5pm to 6pm on Tuesday from Tue Apr 6 to Sun Oct 2, 2022 (IDT) (kata-dev at lists.katacontainers.io)

aadam at redhat.com aadam at redhat.com
Tue Oct 5 08:30:39 UTC 2021

This event has been changed with this note:
"Resending with a limit on the meeting occurrences which may be causing  
problems on some calendars :-).  "

Title: Kata containers backlog review meeting
Purpose of this meeting is to review the weekly status of the kata CI and  
clean the issue backlog.Kata open issues backlogKata CI status (changed)
When: Weekly from 5pm to 6pm on Tuesday from Tue Apr 6 to Sun Oct 2, 2022  
Israel Time (changed)

Joining info: Join with Google Meet

Join by phone
(US) +1 225-434-0039 (PIN: 182743039)

More joining options: https://tel.meet/ttm-kvqf-tog?pin=3794388642265&hs=0

Calendar: kata-dev at lists.katacontainers.io
     * aadam at redhat.com - organizer
     * yuzhihong at gmail.com
     * Sun, Ning
     * Wainer dos Santos Moschetta
     * Venegas Munoz, Jose Carlos
     * Montes, Julio
     * Shinde, Archana M
     * James O Hunt
     * ffidenci at redhat.com
     * Randy Martin
     * raravena80 at gmail.com
     * fgiudici at redhat.com
     * cdupontd at redhat.com
     * Kumari, Madhuri
     * cmeadors at redhat.com
     * azaalouk at redhat.com
     * Fabiano Fidêncio
     * kata-dev at lists.katacontainers.io
     * Peng Tao
     * Larrew, Jesse
     * Karl Heubaum
     * Gupta, Sandeep
     * Wang,Liang(ACG CCN)
     * Peng Tao

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