[kata-dev] kata-containers and Firecracker's MMDS usage

Peng Tao bergwolf at hyper.sh
Thu Apr 16 06:51:41 UTC 2020

On 2020/4/16 00:23, Barbu, Iulian via kata-dev wrote:
> Hello, everybody,
Hello Barbu,

> I am a software engineer, part of Firecracker maintainers team. I am 
> reaching to you because we are working on a breaking change related to 
> MMDS. We are changing the MMDS response content-type to JSON, for 
> requests originating from within the guest, and plan to make a release 
> soon, integrating the related changes. We want to make sure if any known 
> Firecracker customer is impacted by this change.
> Can you please tell us if kata-containers is exposing or is planning to 
> expose MMDS to guests applications?

Thanks for reaching out! kata-containers does not expose any MMDS to 
guest applications at the moment. There were discussions using it for 
simple container data transfer (such as kubernetes secret map etc.) but 
it is not implemented.

I cannot tell if there is any customer using it internally (If so, it is 
time to speak out, please!). Other than that, I'd like to say that 
please feel free to make breaking changes and we'll be glad to use the 
refined APIs when needed.


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