[kata-dev] Gateherder(s?) for the week - **CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS**

Whaley, Graham graham.whaley at intel.com
Mon Dec 9 10:32:15 UTC 2019

Good morning,
 This week's Gateherder is
- Carlos

I will note - having a single reviewer for one of our regular rotation slots is not ideal. It has been a while since we re-visited the list and re-assessed, so please take this email as a: 


To join the kata review rota: https://github.com/kata-containers/community/wiki/Review-Team-Rota
As the page says, everybody is welcome - reviewing and moving along PRs can come in many forms, so don't feel that lack of specific experience or knowledge has to put you off...
If you'd like to join the rota, or discuss, reach out - on this list, slack, irc, or directly to myself or any member of the architecture committee... it's a great way to get more involved and learn you way around the project.

 We are due a release cycle or two over the space of the next week or so:
Expect activity around the v1.10(.rc0) cycles, and stable updates...


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