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Dear Kata Citizens,

The candidacy period has closed and we have 6 candidates for 3 seats:

- Archana Shinde
- Eric Ernst
- Fabiano Fidêncio
- Feng Wang
- Fupan Li
- Gerry Liu

See the elections repo [1] for more details on each candidate's background and manifest.

The actual voting period will start on November 22nd and before that we are going through a Q&A period.
Each and everyone is free to ask questions to our candidates, on this mailing list.

Fabiano already sent a question [2], and I'll ask another one:

The Confidential Containers initiative has grown into its own, CNCF sandbox project and this is a remarkable example of how Kata Containers can be used to enable complex use cases.
What do you think are the next cloud-native use cases that we could enable and support with Kata Containers?

One of the things that some companies are already working on, but we still don't have a reasonable amount of documentation / examples upstream is Function-as-a-Service with Kata Containers.
We can do a lot in this space with VM Caching and really lightweight VMMs (be it Cloud Hypervisor, Firecracker, or Dragonball), and I sincerely think we should be exploring and advertising Kata Containers as a reasonable solution in this area.

WASM workloads support is another hot topic at the moment, and thanks to the work being done by teawater (see:, that's something we should merge and advertise well, as Kata Containers will be a reasonable / suitable option for such workloads.

Those are the one coming from the top of my head and that I think will generate an immediate impact on the project and on the users, if well advertised.



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Best Regards,
Fabiano Fidêncio