[kata-dev] Branch name changes on kata-containers/kata-containers and kata-containers/tests repos

Fabiano FidĂȘncio fabiano at fidencio.org
Thu Jan 21 08:49:44 UTC 2021

Kata Folks,

During the last Architecture Committee meeting it's been decided that
we'd do the following branch name changes:
* kata-containers/kata-containers:
  - "2.0-dev" will be renamed to "main";
  - "stable-2.0.0" will be renamed to "stable-2.0"l
* kata-containers/tests;
  - "2.0-dev" will be renamed to "main";
  - "stable-2.0.0" will be renamed to "stable-2.0"l

In order to do such changes we'll have to avoid merging patches for a
few hours, if not a whole day (in the worst case scenario), so we can
get our CI working against the now renamed branches.

We understand it'll cause disruptions not only for the time window
where we won't merge any pull-request, but mainly for the fact that
pull-requests previously opened against "2.0-dev" branches will have
to be reopened, this time against "main", and we apologize in advance.

Our original plan is to take Tomorrow (January 22nd, 2020) to do the
switch. In case there are any concerns from any member of the
community, please, let us know replying to this email.

If we get no reply with concerns by Tomorrow we'll go ahead and
proceed with the change.

Best Regards,
Fabiano FidĂȘncio

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