[kata-dev] Last week in Kata

Whaley, Graham graham.whaley at intel.com
Tue May 7 19:16:38 UTC 2019

A little late this week, as it was holiday season here... (well, one day anyway)...

Last week then:

# What landed?

I'm seeing something like 54 commits across the main repos, which pans out to what seems to be our current batting average of something like 50 PRs landing per week

Amongst those commits, I see:
- A bunch of improvements in some of our static checkers (handling stable branches for instance), and some docs fixups
- A whole bunch of packaging and release process improvements
- Our snap deploy on PPC64LE was improved
- Some preparation to enable landing/moving to QEMU4
- Firecracker version updates coming, and support for setting the FC VM constraints
- Addition of easier debug console support added into the agent
- A flurry of virtioFS items landing

# Outside the repos

Of course, the big thing last week was the Denver PTG meeting - where a whole bunch of good chatter and hands on hacking looks to have happened - and I think we should expect activity from that to continue to land in the repos this week.

Also at the PTG, **congratulations** to all our members who were recognized for their contributions and efforts:
- Carlos and Marco, for their relentless work on the packaging
- Salvador and Gaby for the fantastic (to the point of being annoying ;-) ) CI system they have built and nursed
- James, for responding to pretty much every PR ever, and helping onboard new contributors and just make everybodies life better in the long run.

We also saw a bunch of new committers last week - this is great. We will need to help onboard some new submitters as it is not always immediately obvious on the first PR what our submission requirements are, or what the CI is telling you - so, keep an eye out for those folks (sometimes they can just be a tiny typo fixup for instance), and let's help these folks get on board.

# This coming week

This week looks like we'll get:
- v1.5.5 release is in the works
- More firecracker updates
- virtiofs landing!!! ?
- working out the ins and outs of VMs, entropy and randomness...
- some k8s updates (runtimeClass support, deprecate annotations, update versions to v.1.14.x) are in flight

Have a good week out there - don't forget to keep reviewing those PRs!, and support your friendly herders.


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