[kata-dev] Dracut initramfs for distro packaging

Stefan Hajnoczi stefanha at redhat.com
Fri May 10 09:49:53 UTC 2019

On Thu, May 09, 2019 at 03:16:26PM -0500, Jose Carlos Venegas Munoz wrote:
> To summarize:

Sounds good.

> Use dracut to improve linux distribution adoption.
> 	- This can work for Feodra/RHEL
> 	- Allow to use the host kernel (required by fedora/Red Hat)
> 	- Waiting if some other distro provide feedback
> 	- If we implement it should we remove fedora support from
> 	  osbuilder? as this was done to allow Fedora/Red Hat/CentOS
> 	  adoption but are going with the dracut approach

The osbuilder Fedora support doesn't work with distro kernels.  It also
doesn't use the latest Fedora release (30).  It's probably not used much
and removing it would be fine.

> Keep using osbuilder for the rest of use cases dracut not cover.
>    Spacially for DAX images
>    And not systemd based images (sorry I did not get if possible to not
>    ship systemd).

I haven't tried.  In theory systemd is just a dracut module that can be
disabled.  Maybe it can be replaced with a kata-agent module that acts a
/sbin/init instead.  This would result in a smaller initramfs.

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