[kata-dev] Virtio-fs support for Kata - updates needed

Stefan Hajnoczi stefanha at redhat.com
Wed May 1 15:06:39 UTC 2019

On Thu, Apr 25, 2019 at 01:39:55PM +0000, Ernst, Eric wrote:
> Hey virty-container-wizards,
> I wanted to continue dialogue around virtio-fs support for Kata.  We are still hoping to get this into 1.7.  I wanted to see if there were any updates, and make sure the tasks/gaps are well understood, as we are hoping to have features in for 1.7 by *EOW next week*.
> See the following project for tracking this work: https://github.com/orgs/kata-containers/projects/16

The kata-runtime pull request is still pending, too.  I have just
rebased and pushed the latest version:

>   1.  Virtio-fs design docs: https://github.com/kata-containers/documentation/issues/419
>      *   Who owns this? Can folks from RedHat help here?  @Stefan?

Yes, I will contribute to this.

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