[kata-dev] should github reset ack count on PR change?

Whaley, Graham graham.whaley at intel.com
Tue Feb 12 17:59:25 UTC 2019

Hi kata-devs,
 I'd like to cast a shout out for opinions on a bit of github PR workflow here....
 With the move from pullapprove to github to do the ack/nack counting, I had to make a decision on one of the github setup options.
 There is a tickbox that basically says 'if the PR changes, drop all existing acks and reset to 0'.
 We had a mixture of that being on/off across the repos. I set it to 'on' for them all, as notionally that seems like the right thing to do for a 'perfect workflow' (that is - if somebody changed the PR, how can you know your ack still applies etc. etc.).

But, that is not how we had pullapprove working. Acks were sticky in pullapprove.
And, tbh, most of the time the PRs are being updated to fix little things, and existing acks are mostly (99% of the time) OK to stick...

What do we think - do we want acks sticky or not... I'm fairly OK either way, and will go setup/check github once we make a decision.


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