[kata-dev] Status for 1.10 RC0 release

Peng Tao tao.peng at linux.alibaba.com
Thu Dec 5 02:33:39 UTC 2019

On 2019/12/5 02:20, Ernst, Eric wrote:
> Hey ya’ll,
> I blame too much turkey for delay in discussion re: 1.10 release 
> schedule.  Per [1], Bergwolf is scheduled to drive the RC **this week** 
> for 1.10. I took a look at the GitHub project for release 1.10, [2], and 
> it looks like the major outstanding item still is the rust agent. It 
> appears that it is in repo, but still has issues and is not being 
> packaged/released yet.  If this can be resolved over next few days, I’m 
> happy to see the packaging updated to include in 1.10, but otherwise we 
> should punt on this until next release (1.11/2.0).
> Carlos/Bo – where are we with respect to http API for Cloud Hypervisor? 
> It’d be nice to have this settled before 1.10, but time is quite short now.
> Peng Tao, can you help with the 1.10-rc0 and 1.9.x release? We should 
> probably sync, as much of the flow has been simplified with the 
> introduction of GitHub actions.  Carlos, can we help update docs for this?
Yeah, sure I can do it. Carlos, could you share how to do release with 
github actions?


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