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The blocker might be the style of scripts. Let's package it in next release or 2.0

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Hey ya’ll,

I blame too much turkey for delay in discussion re: 1.10 release schedule.  Per [1], Bergwolf is scheduled to drive the RC *this week* for 1.10. I took a look at the GitHub project for release 1.10, [2], and it looks like the major outstanding item still is the rust agent. It appears that it is in repo, but still has issues and is not being packaged/released yet.  If this can be resolved over next few days, I’m happy to see the packaging updated to include in 1.10, but otherwise we should punt on this until next release (1.11/2.0).

Carlos/Bo – where are we with respect to http API for Cloud Hypervisor? It’d be nice to have this settled before 1.10, but time is quite short now.

Peng Tao, can you help with the 1.10-rc0 and 1.9.x release? We should probably sync, as much of the flow has been simplified with the introduction of GitHub actions.  Carlos, can we help update docs for this?


[1] - https://github.com/kata-containers/community/wiki/Release-Team-Rota
[2]  - https://github.com/orgs/kata-containers/projects/19

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