[Kata-hypervisor] Any known conflicts if I run Kata containers and regular VMs on a same host?

XiaoNing Ding XiaoNing.Ding at huawei.com
Thu Mar 28 17:44:41 UTC 2019

Hi folks,

I'm trying to run Kata containers and regular QEMU-KVM VMs side by side on one same host. While I'm setting up the test environment, I'd like to check if there are any known conflicts between them?

I guess the question is mostly about possible conflicts between QEMU-lite and the vanilla QEMU, when they are running side by side. It seems the community is discussing moving to vanilla QEMU (https://github.com/kata-containers/runtime/issues/1397), but before that happens QEMU-lite is still the default option in releases.

Besides hypervisor, could there be other conflicts when we run Kata and full VMs together?

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