[Kata-hypervisor] Link to the Hypervisor Prototype

Anthony Liguori aliguori at amazon.com
Wed Jun 6 20:18:08 UTC 2018

"Castelino, Manohar R" <manohar.r.castelino at intel.com> writes:

> Folks,
> Please find below the link to the initial prototype code that tries to reduce the number of emulated devices in QEMU that can still boot most cloud workloads.
> https://github.com/intel/nemu
> We created some tooling around automated code reduction and a minimal CI to ensure that this code reduction still retained features that Linux expects to find when booting cloud images. 
> https://github.com/intel/nemu/tree/master/tools
> https://github.com/intel/nemu/tree/master/tools/CI

Such a long history of failed QEMU forks.  I'd really advise against
going that route.


Anthony Liguori

> -manohar
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