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Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Fri May 21 22:18:27 UTC 2021

On 2021-05-21 22:45:32 +0200 (+0200), Fabiano FidĂȘncio wrote:
> I've seen that some communities will end up moving to libera.chat.
> I'm not saying we should, but that may be an easier transition as
> that's pretty much freenode as it was before the issue, including the
> maintainers.

Mostly the same staff, yes, which is a big part of why their
problems are likely to continue to follow them to whatever new IRC
network they establish (also the software they're running on Liberia
isn't quite the same as Freenode either, while exploring I've
already noticed a number of syntactic differences for basic things
like channel ACL management). That's ultimately why we decided many
years ago to start keeping copies of all our channels registered on
OFTC, and have repeatedly recommended moving there as each new
installment of Freenode drama arises.

Really, we ended up on Freenode originally because the OpenStack
project had very strong ties with the Ubuntu community early in its
formation, and that's where the main Ubuntu IRC channels were. In
truth, the ideals and governance of OFTC are much more closely
aligned with those of our projects, and it would have been a better
fit than Freenode, but the critical mass which formed was very hard
to relocate once established.

The bulk of the work for any such transition is updating references
in documentation and on websites and letting users know to adjust
their client configuration to connect to a different DNS name, which
is going to be the same degree of pain regardless of the network
choice. Ultimately it's picking between a completely new IRC network
where we don't have any channels registered yet and seems to be in
major turmoil as they're trying to bootstrap a mass migration, or an
established and very boring open source oriented network of two
decades with a clearly defined governance and backed by a reputable
non-profit foundation.

In the end we'll run our services in whichever network we seem to
get a mass consensus for among our projects, but I personally think
that moving to OFTC represents an opportunity for quiet simplicity,
and allows us to finally back away from the entire Freenode mess.
That's why we've continued to maintain provisions for a fallback
there for over 7 years now.
Jeremy Stanley
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