Regarding the next face to face meeting, I'd like to propose we zero in on Denver in September, which the OSF can host since we have an event going on that week there. There will be other like minded people in attendance, for good hallway / evening talks in addition to the meeting itself so it's a good fit IMHO. 

Regardless of where we do it, I definitely believe meeting again face to face relatively soon is critical to continuing the momentum from Vancouver. 

If we do it in Denver, the likely date would be Tuesday Sept 11. FYI The overall PTG event is Sept 10-14 (Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel) - see

To host this, we will need to lock down the date soon and get a headcount since our events team is managing a lot that week. 

What do y'all think?


On June 7, 2018 12:45:16 AM Jonathan Bryce <> wrote:

Thanks, Claire for kicking it off. We had a few short-term actions coming out of the meeting to share with the list once it was alive:

First, share a URL to the prototype source code that we discussed so that people could look at it and test some relevant workloads. I believe Manohar was going to do this.

Second, identify security folks from our orgs that we would like to reach out to and have involved sooner than later for input on technology and process. Having them join this mailing list would be great. If you know of some relevant people that you’d like me to reach out to invite or give background, feel free to pass me names as well.

Also, Allison Randall started a thread about some of the work she’s been doing that’s relevant to the discussion we’ve had to date, so I’m glad to see the conversation continuing already.

Finally, we talked about future opportunities for face-to-face work. Someone raised the KVM Forum in Edinburgh in October as one possibility. We are also doing space planning for our Project Team Gathering in Denver in September. If people are interested in getting together there, we can work on reserving some space for another in-person meeting.


On Jun 5, 2018, at 8:16 PM, Claire Massey <> wrote:

HI everyone,

Thank you to those who were able to make up to Vancouver a couple of weeks ago to join the spirited discussion about QEMU and Kata Containers. You can find the notes from that meeting here -

This mailing list is the place to continue the discussion and move things forward - feel free to invite others to subscribe. 

Please jump in and get the conversation rolling. 


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Kata-hypervisor mailing list