Sorry if this is a super ignorant question, i'm not too familiar with kata-runtime and
how it communicates with different hypervisors but what would be the challenges to
add xhyve as a supported hypervisor or qemu for mac to kata containers? Is this
even possible?
Alternatively i'd be interested if someone already made this work, maybe i'm missing
some important piece of info that i didn't find in the github issues and docs.

The way that it is currently for me, at least, is that i need to run a VM at all times,
(this reserves at least half of my system resources) either if it's the Docker for
desktop VM or something like Parallels where i do my development. Even if the
tasks i use it for are not memory intensive, the memory is still reserved for the VM.

Not having to run a (beefy) VM and inside run containers as docker for desktop currently
does would be a huge improvement for developers. Not to mention you would
probably be able to use the rest of the tooling to spin up k8s clusters with Kind
for example, where your containers are a bunch of smaller vms.

Anyway, would appreciate any pointers on this, if _it is possible_ and there's
interest, i'd be more than happy to put it in the time to make it happen.