We have updated stable-1.8 to 1.8.2, and now have an alpha2 release for 1.9.0 on master. This includes updates to fix DinD usage in Kata Containers, as well as a kernel update to include latest security fixes. See [1] and [2].


We are still working on adding virtio-fs 0.3 support to the master branch (1.9.0-alpha*) – this is expected in either alpha3 or the initial RC (should be ready on master early next week). This will be enabled through ‘configuration-qemu-virtiofs.toml’, and will utilize a virtiofs specific QEMU and vmlinuz.  The kernel and VMM are available today, but we are still testing the runtime changes [3] against these.


A reminder that NEMU is going to be deprecated come 1.10. Further, once we have the virtio-fs 0.3 released, we will likely drop the virtio-fs VMM patches from our NEMU configuration, and suggest that users just use the qemu-virtiofs VMM.






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