I think a combination of probot's apps would do the job.

On just a quick look, leads me to the following apps :
There are a lot of other apps which can potentially make the contributor experience better. The apps listed there already run somewhere but if we need, we can run it on own servers and they should do fine. Plus, if these are not enough, we can create our own custom apps. We will need to deploy the custom one on our own though.

So wdyt?

On Tue, Jan 8, 2019 at 6:41 PM Boeuf, Sebastien <sebastien.boeuf@intel.com> wrote:
Hi Thierry,

Thanks for raising this issue. What are the options out there?

I've found lgtmco (https://github.com/lgtmco/lgtm) but the repo
has been archived which means we cannot expect any support. But this
might be enough for our needs.


On Tue, 2019-01-08 at 13:36 +0100, Thierry Carrez wrote:
> Hi Kata-folk,
> In addition to GitHub, Kata development relies on an external
> service,
> PullApprove, in order to process PRs. This external service used to
> be
> free-as-in-beer, but they recently decided[1] to change their terms
> of
> service so that if "people who work on the repository get paid to do
> so,
> then we need to get paid too". They are planning to flip the switch
> on
> February 1, 2019.
> Our read of their unclearly-specified conditions to apply for a free
> plan concludes that we almost certainly would not qualify: despite
> the
> project being open source and run by a non-profit Foundation, most
> of
> the "people who work on the repository" get paid to do so.
> We could of course comply with their reasonably-priced new terms
> (and
> wait for the next bait-and-switch), but as an open source
> development
> best practice it is generally better to reduce our dependency on
> such
> external services, to avoid having the project be negatively affected
> by
> the decisions of a third-party service provider.
> Which is why I'm raising this thread, to tap the collective Kata
> mind
> for solutions. In order of decreasing preference, we would find an
> alternative solution that would
> 1- be open source, so that we could actually not depend on an
> additional
> external service provider, or at least have the option to switch to
> running it ourselves in case of sudden ToS changes
> 2- use built-in features of an external service we are already
> depending
> on (GitHub)
> 3- use a free-as-in-beer external service provider that has already
> published clear conditions for open source projects or projects run
> by
> non-profit Foundations
> Thoughts ?
> [1] https://medium.com/dropseed/changes-to-our-free-plans-2660423c3f6
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