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There is a Gaia-X hackaton on Dec 2-3, with a confidential computing track on Thursday.

Thanks for the head's up.
For those who are not familiar with Gaia-X, would you mind to explain
what's this about, how the community can take advantage of that,
what's their schedule, and so on and so forth?

Gaia-X seems to be a project backed by the European Union and mostly driven
by France and Germany to create a decentralized, open infrastructure.


It's frankly relatively vague to me. 

To me, the possible benefits are some funding for various projects. At this
stage, I'd think that it's mostly bringing awareness of confidential computing
efforts, and making sure that a) we are on the map, and b) they understand
what are the benefits and trade-offs.

So I think there is some value in some of us being there to answer questions,
but that's about it.

Unfortunately, it conflicts with our own Confidential Containers meeting.

Is this just a note or a suggestion to, maybe, change the time of the
Confidential Containers meeting? If the latter, having the details I
mentioned above can help the folks leading the meeting to have a
better understanding of the Gaia-X impact and then make a better
decision on what's the priority.

It's just an observation. If a large enough number of people interested
in confidential containers believe that this is important, then we could
simply defer the agenda for that week and use the time to listen to
the Gaia-X presentation and answer questions. Or we can decide that
it's good enough to be aware of their interest in the topic, maybe have
only a couple of people attending who could take notes and report.

If we make the second choice, I volunteer to attend (I've been asked to),
as long as you don't forget to record the confidential containers meeting ;-)


Best Regards,
Fabiano FidĂȘncio

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