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Thanks for proactively setting this up, Clark.  It was good to chat with the group.  I meant to type up my takeaways last week, but time got away.  As I recall, the plan is to have the Zuul folks create an initial setup to track the shim [1] and/or proxy [2] repositories, where an example set of jobs would be created.  As discussed, the jobs used in Kata today are quite simple, and are based on kicking off work on Azure.


Clark, can you help fill in the gaps on who we should expect to work with on this (I don’t recall specifically who created the azure portion in zuul, for example).











On 5/22/18, 7:47 AM, "Clark Boylan" <> wrote:


    Hello Kata,


    Recently was filed and reading that I couldn't help but think that Zuul may be helpful there. It won't explicitly rebuild everything for you, but Zuul will ensure that all your related project git repos are checked out to the correct commits (and even allows for speculative testing of multiple related changes across repos).


    Considering that many of us are at the OpenStack summit this may be a good opportunity to talk about Zuul again? Brought this up in the hallway track and Thursday at lunch was suggested. Can we meet for lunch on Thursday in the dev lounge area on the second floor to talk about this more?


    Also congrats on the release!


    Thank you




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