Hi, folks:
Let me update some progress of the rust agent.
First of all, thanks for James' kindly help on the project.
The functions of rust agent are almost finished. we have fixed several bugs to stablize it. Ci and osbuilder are still missing. We have to run end-to-end tests manually right now.

- Refactor rust agent API. Remove overused matches, clean up code
- Refactor communication between parent/child/grandchild, use raw bytes instead of serde_json to simplify communication
- Refactor Process struct, remove duplicate/unused fields
- Add Makefile to simplify building --- by jodh-intel
- Fix up unit test for netlink
- Fix up test run against musl and release
- Implement debug console support
- Implement command line parse partly
- Implement Spec valaidator
- Implement Hook infrastructure

We are targeting to land the rust agent to Kata org by October, and you may check out the current WIP repo here: https://github.com/alipay/kata-rust-agent