Hi everyone.
After many many weekly backlog review meetings we have finally gotten the backlog of "needs-review" issues (opened since January 2020) to 0 open issues :-)

Kudos to everyone who joined this effort and helped getting the numbers down week after week. Looking forward it would be great if the weekly herders could also review the open issues and help keep the numbers low.

Moving to the next part of the backlog review work we are now focusing on the kata-containers/kata-containers repository (we figured it would be a good repository to start with) and the buckets we labeled in it (using "area/*"):

The goal is to review those issues and catagorize them into 3 priorities (using labels as well):
This should help us later on understand where we should ask people from the community to focus on based on priority.
Feel free to jump on those buckets and add priorities in areas you are familiar with or join our weekly meeting (after the AC call).