Hi Xu,

Yeah, these are similar to the ideas I heard via Lantao. My thought behind the issue I created was to try and find a solution that is generic enough to be built mostly into the containerd CRI plugin. But it may be that adding port-forward to the shim API and having shim implementations be fully responsible for port-forwarding might be easier. I'm curious what you think.

BTW, for your solution 1, where would socat come from and how would it be executed? Would that be in a container? Or would the kata shim do it similarly to how containerd used to do it and run the socat found on the Kata guest VM but inside the Pod ns (i.e. outside Pod cgroup)?

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Thanks for raising this again, Ian.

It's appreciated that you may file the new issue. @bergwolf has replied it and here is
the link of the original proposal as the link in the original post has been unavailable now:




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Hi kata folks,

I have been looking into supporting port-forward in Kubernetes for gVisor and want to make sure that the solution is not too runtime specific. I have seen issue #697. Is this still an issue for Kata?

I've written some ideas in an issue in the Kubernetes enhancements repo. I'd appreciate it if folks from the Kata team could comment on the pros and cons and whether these ideas would work for Kata as well.

After that, my thought is to get on the agenda and discuss at a sig-node meeting, ideally when folks from Kata could be present as well.



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