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From:Venegas Munoz, Jose Carlos <>
Send Time:2020年5月12日(星期二) 02:15 <>
Subject:[kata-dev] Announcing Kata Containers 1.11.0 and 1.10.4



We are happy to announce the new stable release for Kata 1.11.x branch.


This is the first official release for 1.11.x and includes many changes compared to 1.10.x


Included but not limited to:



  • update qemu to 4.1.1
  • qemu: Support PCIe device hotplug for q35
  • qemu: Add virtio-mem support (experimental)
  • Support pmem/nvdimm hotplug


  • Update Firecracker to v0.20.0

Cloud Hypervisor:

  • Update to cloud-hypervisor 0.7.0
  • Device assignment using VFIO (Virtual Function I/O) was implemented.
  • Memory and CPU hotplug was enabled for Kata and Cloud Hypervisor.
  • Boot guest OS using virtualized persistent memory was enabled (virtio-pmem).


  • ipv6: Add support for ipv6


  • persist: move "newstore" out of experimental:The "newstore" feature has had been a "experimental" feature for long time.

cgroups and namespaces:

  • rootless: Fix rootless for case net=none
  • Support device cgroup in the host when sandbox_cgroup_only is true, the hypervisor has access only to the devices that the sandbox and its containers need

Please take a look at the full release notes for the changes in this release.


Also, we have released a new version of 1.10.x branch: 1.10.4.


Remember that Kata 1.9.x is now deprecated and we encourage you to use one of the stable branches listed above.


Thank you all for your contributions.