[kata-dev] Updated invitation with note: Kata containers backlog review meeting @ Weekly from 5pm to 6pm on Tuesday from Tue Apr 6 to Mon Oct 11 (IDT) (kata-dev at lists.katacontainers.io)

aadam at redhat.com aadam at redhat.com
Tue Oct 12 14:07:15 UTC 2021

This event has been changed with this note:
"Canceling and resending this invite since it seems many people can't see  
it on their calendars. "

Title: Kata containers backlog review meeting
Purpose of this meeting is to review the weekly status of the kata CI and  
clean the issue backlog.Kata open issues backlogKata CI status
When: Weekly from 5pm to 6pm on Tuesday from Tue Apr 6 to Mon Oct 11 Israel  
Time (changed)

Joining info: Join with Google Meet

Join by phone
(US) +1 225-434-0039 (PIN: 182743039)

More joining options: https://tel.meet/ttm-kvqf-tog?pin=3794388642265&hs=0

Calendar: kata-dev at lists.katacontainers.io
     * aadam at redhat.com - organizer
     * yuzhihong at gmail.com
     * Sun, Ning
     * Wainer dos Santos Moschetta
     * Venegas Munoz, Jose Carlos
     * Montes, Julio
     * Shinde, Archana M
     * James O Hunt
     * ffidenci at redhat.com
     * Randy Martin
     * raravena80 at gmail.com
     * fgiudici at redhat.com
     * cdupontd at redhat.com
     * Kumari, Madhuri
     * cmeadors at redhat.com
     * azaalouk at redhat.com
     * Fabiano Fidêncio
     * kata-dev at lists.katacontainers.io
     * Peng Tao
     * Larrew, Jesse
     * Karl Heubaum
     * Gupta, Sandeep
     * Wang,Liang(ACG CCN)
     * Peng Tao

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