[kata-dev] Confidential Computing Community Meeting 11/25/21

Tobin Feldman-Fitzthum tobin at linux.ibm.com
Wed Nov 24 22:44:34 UTC 2021


Tomorrow we will have a Thanksgiving-themed CC meeting at the usual time
(2:00 PM UTC - 9 AM EST - 10PM CST). To be clear, we are still meeting,
but no hard feelings if you (like me) can't make it.

This has been an epic week for Confidential Containers. We now have CCv0
working on three different hardware platforms and we have a demo that
does not require any specialized hardware. Furthermore almost everything
we need for these demos is merged. We now also have a pretty solid draft
of the form that we will submit to the CNCF and have continued to polish
the Confidential Containers organization. Thank you to everyone who has
put in a heroic shift this week.

Tomorrow we will cover some of these updates in more detail and see a
demo of CC with Secure Execution. We will also go through our form draft
as a group and make final revisions. Finally, we will discuss the
proposal for architecture discussions.

As usual, feel free to add something to the agenda for this or future



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