[kata-dev] Giving review powers to Pavel Mores and Snir Sheriber

Snir ssheribe at redhat.com
Thu Jan 14 12:35:44 UTC 2021


Thank you Fabiano for raising this request and thank you James for the 
granting the permissions and for the
warm welcoming, I can confirm I've got the invention (and used some of 
the granted power ;) ). I'm happy to
be part of the kata community, help contributing to this awesome project 
and will ask silly question :)
I would also love to participate in the rota, I'd appreciate if you can 
add me to the table as well James (I'm in


On 1/7/21 7:42 PM, Hunt, James O wrote:
> Hi Fabiano,
> I've added both to the groups mentioned so Pavel and Snir should now have received invitations [1].
> Pavel, Snir - Welcome onboard! Fabiano mentioned responsibilities, so would you be willing to have your names added to the Rota [2]? If so, either add yourselves or let me know so I can add you (as shown, your turn only comes round every 4-5 weeks so it's not a huge burden ;) There is also a lot of helpful doc around the process, plus being new-ish to the community is actually a benefit imho.
> On that topic, if anyone else wants to volunteer for the rota, we're always after more "eyes" ;)
> Cheers,
> James
> [1] - I don't think we have a written process for how to get these sorts of privs and what is expected, so I'll try to work on a simple doc next week...
> [2] - https://github.com/kata-containers/community/wiki/Review-Team-Rota
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> From: Fabiano FidĂȘncio <fidencio at redhat.com>
> Sent: Wednesday, 6 January 2021 14:06
> To: kata-dev; Pavel Mores; Snir Sheriber
> Subject: [kata-dev] Giving review powers to Pavel Mores and Snir Sheriber
> Kata folks,
> I'd like to ask whether Pavel Mores (https://github.com/pmores) and
> Snir Sheriber (https://github.com/snir911) could be granted reviewer
> powers (and responsibilities) for the following repos:
> * kata-containers/kata-containers
> * kata-containers/tests
> Pavel has been doing the most part of his reviews and work on
> osbuilder, while Snir has been doing the most part of his reviews and
> work on the runtime / agent.
> Of course, I do vouch for them, but I also would like to ask a second
> vouch from someone outside of Red Hat before having them added!
> Best Regards,
> --
> Fabiano FidĂȘncio
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