[kata-dev] Arch Committee Election: Q&A period open!

Fabiano FidĂȘncio fabiano at fidencio.org
Wed Sep 23 11:44:01 UTC 2020


> What do you think is the most important feature missing from Kata Containers that will help the project increase adoption in the next year?

Answering this question is not easy and I must admit a lot of
back-and-forth was required from my side.  There's a lot currently
going on with the 2.0 about to be released and the main thing that
keeps coming back to my mind is not a missing feature, but rather
something that we should make considerable improvements in order to be
ready for the enterprise Linux world: debuggability.

Considering that others will also think the "debuggability" word is a
little bit too vague, I mean:
* Improve (or create) troubleshooting guides for the most commonly
reported problems;
  - An analysis of the issues opened against the project may give a
good direction of what are the pain points;
* Improve (or create) tools for allowing customers of the project to
"just switch a flag" and have Kata Containers running in "debug mode";
* Improve containerd-shim-kata-v2 debugging integration with the
container runtime interfaces;
  - There's been a downgrade on the granularity of the logs with the
switch to "shim v2" when compared to what we had with "shim v1".

A desire for a better debuggability is a shared feeling among our
community and it should be one of the points to prioritize for the
coming year.

Best Regards,
Fabiano FidĂȘncio

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