[kata-dev] Elections for Kata Architecture Committee - Archana Shinde

Shinde, Archana M archana.m.shinde at intel.com
Fri Sep 18 05:59:12 UTC 2020

Hi Kata Folks,

I am declaring my candidacy for upcoming Kata AC elections.

Name: Archana Shinde

Email: archana.m.shinde at intel.com

I am a software engineer at Intel working on Cloud technologies and have been an active contributor on the Kata Containers project since it's inception. I have been engaged in various aspects of the project from the initial design to driving its adoption in production use cases. I am invested in the open source community we have built over the years around the project and am very interested in pushing the project forward towards greater adoption.

Over the years, I have played an active role in contributing towards the project code base as well as advocating the project in the greater open source community at various container events and meetups . In terms of code, I have made solid contributions towards implementing networking and storage solutions in Kata to make sure Kata works well with the rest of the container ecosystem. Some of the contributions I have made over the years include implementing tcfilter and macvtap networking models, ipv6 networking stack support, integration with various CNI plugins, support for devicemapper leveraging block-based storage, as well as adding in support for time-synchronization to make sure we get meaningful traces with Kata among others. I have also contributed towards integration of Kata with container runtimes such as crio and making sure Kata meets e2e testing criteria with kubernetes.

Going forward, we have quite a bit of exciting features coming up in the project including cloud hypervisor support, switch to virtio-fs from 9p and improved debuggability  to name a few. I am interested in driving these forward as well as seeing through integration of Kata with other open source solutions stacks.

I look forward to working on Kata's continuing success!

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