[kata-dev] [kata-2.0-dev] kata 2.0-dev have been branched

Peng Tao bergwolf at hyper.sh
Thu Mar 26 10:55:26 UTC 2020

Hi all,

We just created 2.0-dev branches in kata-containers, ci and tests repos, 
as a basis of running kata 2.0 feature development. The 2.0 development 
cycle will happen alongside with the next 1.x release (1.12.0 that is).

Kata 2.0 plans to included several key features like agent 
simplification, image pulling inside sandbox, 
serviceability/events/debuggability, better IO stream handling, as well 
as code repository consolidation.

All 2.0 features are tracked by github project 

We look forward to another year of exciting code rush for kata 
containers. Happy hacking!


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