[kata-dev] Plan for organizing the kata issue backlog - updates 11th August 2020

Ariel Adam aadam at redhat.com
Tue Aug 11 16:57:17 UTC 2020

Hi everyone.
Today we have finished reviewing the first bucket of issues we targeted:

   - *issues opened this year which are not bugs and are
   labeled kata-2.0-features (45 open issues
   - We have removed all the *"needs-review"* labels from issues we looked
   at and also moved some issues to close or attached PRs (no need to review
   issues with PRs)
   - For issues we thought are mandatory for the kata 2.0 release (feature
   freeze end of the month) we added the *"release-gating"* label (the
   label that made most sense to us :-) )
   - The updated list contains 3 issues

We now want to move to the next bucket of issues:

   - *Issues opened this year which are bugs (115 open issues
   - We'd appreciate if you could review these issue hopefully based on
   repositories related to you or topics related to you
   - Once you reviewed an issue remove the *"needs-info"* label
   - If you think it's not a valid issue close it
   - If you know of a PR related to the issue link it
   - If you think this issue is mandatory for the 2.0 release add the
   *"release-gating"* label
   - If you have any questions ping me or James
   - Target is to finish this bucket by next week

We would really appreciate your help in moving this forward.

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