[kata-dev] Kat Herders for the week... and a request for help with the issue backlog

Hunt, James O james.o.hunt at intel.com
Mon Aug 3 08:12:46 UTC 2020

Hi All,

This week's Kata Herders [1] are:

- Peng Tao (https://github.com/bergwolf)
- Archana (https://github.com/amshinde)

# Statistics

## PRs

- We currently have 56 open PRs (88 if you include WIP and DNM).
- Last week we closed 30 PRs.

If you'd like to help get these PRs landed (or get involved in other ways
with Kata), take a look at the contributing guide [2] and the rota process
[3]. Any problems, just ask us [4].

## Issues

We'd like the community to help process the issue backlog. Historically the
community has focussed more on the PRs (as these are of course actual
improvements so should land as soon as they are ready). But due to the
rapid pace of development in Kata, that has meant that the community are
perpetually reviewing the PR backlog and (I think) never quite managing to
get round to a holistic review of the issues. But that doesn't mean we

More information to follow on issues, but having "set the scene"
slightly... gulp ... here's the main statistic:

- 1,015 open issues [*] (yikes!)

I've added a link to the issues backlog on [1]. If you'd like to help us
get that number down to a more manageable level, please do get in touch [4]



[*] - Note that we believe a lot of these can be closed but, we'd like help
reviewing this rather large backlog ;)
[1] - https://github.com/kata-containers/community/wiki/Review-Team-Rota
[2] -
[3] -
[4] -

https://katacontainers.io/ | https://github.com/kata-containers
Open Source Technology Center
Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd. - Co. Reg. #1134945 - Pipers Way, Swindon SN3
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