[kata-dev] Kata Containers Release 1.9.7, 1.10.3 and 1.11.0-rc0

Fuentes, Salvador salvador.fuentes at intel.com
Tue Apr 21 00:34:18 UTC 2020

Hi All, 

We have just released 1.11.0-rc0 release. In addition, the latest stable 1.9.7, 1.10.3 releases are also out. 

Highlights for this rc0 release include:

- Add SELinux support for running VM Confinement
- Make SELinux support configurable
- cloud-hypervisor: Boot from persistent memory device
- Different virtiofs fixes
- Kernel updated to LTS 5.4.32

The 1.9.7 and 1.10.3 stable releases included latest bug fixes.

Salvador Fuentes.

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