[kata-dev] This weeks Kata Rota

Hunt, James O james.o.hunt at intel.com
Mon Sep 9 08:22:43 UTC 2019

Hi All,

The Kata Kat herder(s) [1] this week are...

- Gaby (https://github.com/GabyCT) !

Graham is on hols so to avoid Gaby feeling lonely, it would be great if we
could get some impromptu volunteers to help her tackle the backlog [2] !

Although we managed to close 34 PRs last week, due to the rapid pace of
development, we still have 41 open PRs so if you can spare some time to
help, that would be much appreciated. Remember, the quicker we land PRs,
the quicker everyone benefits from fixes and new features.

As usual, all are welcome to contribute - take a look at [3][4][5] and
become a Kool Kat!



[1] - https://github.com/kata-containers/community/wiki/Review-Team-Rota
[2] -
[3] -
[4] -
[5] -
https://katacontainers.io/ | https://github.com/kata-containers
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