[kata-dev] kata PID is -1

Al Lau lauatic at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 17:18:35 UTC 2019

I started a kata container through the containerd CLI ctr.  In the
"kata-runtime list" output, the PID is -1.  Is the PID suppose to the -1?
I am using the shimv2 as the runtime

$ sudo ctr run --runtime io.containerd.run.kata.v2 -t --rm
docker.io/library/busybox:latest kata-hello sh
/ #
$ sudo ctr containers list
CONTAINER     IMAGE                               RUNTIME

kata-hello    docker.io/library/busybox:latest    io.containerd.run.kata.v2
$ sudo kata-runtime list
ID           PID         STATUS      BUNDLE
                            CREATED                          OWNER
kata-hello   -1          running
2019-10-31T17:04:50.132681472Z   #0

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