[kata-dev] CRI with kata and shimv2

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Hi Al,

We are an OCI runtime and are called in the stack by either "containerd" or "crio", that implement the CRI API.
If you want to see how the CRI API is used, you can take a look at the code base of either of these two projects.

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Hi Salvador,
Thank You for sending the URL.  I read it and it is useful to me.
Next question, I want to know there are examples in Go that use the k8s.io/cri-api/pkg/apis/runtime/v1alpha2<http://k8s.io/cri-api/pkg/apis/runtime/v1alpha2> CRI API to launch a kata container with a Go program.

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This link should be of help:

Salvador Fuentes.

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> I want to use the CRI API (v1alpha2) with shim v2 to spin up Kata VMs.  Is there how-to pages on integrating CRI with shimv2 that you point me to?
> Thanks,
> Al
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