[kata-dev] Kata PR rota: double edition!

Hunt, James O james.o.hunt at intel.com
Mon Oct 14 08:28:25 UTC 2019

Hi All,

Welcome to the special edition of the PR rota [1] weekly mail! We were so
busy last week that we forgot to let you know who was on the rota (for
DeLorean time machine owners, warning: historical spoiler ahead!: it was
Ricardo, Julio and myself, but thanks also to Peng for helping out!)

This week, the only person on the list is Gaby, so if you can spare some
cycles to help her, that would be very much appreciated.

The queue [2] is currently showing 36 open PRs, so as always, if you want
to lend a hand, please get in contact [3].



P.S. If you _do_ own a DeLorean time machine, please could I borrow it?

[1] - https://github.com/kata-containers/community/wiki/Review-Team-Rota
[2] -
[3] -

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