[kata-dev] QEMU 4 and QEMU-lite

Stefano Garzarella sgarzare at redhat.com
Thu May 30 09:29:01 UTC 2019

On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 03:12:50PM +0000, Montes, Julio wrote:
> Hi
> In order to reduce the noise, I re-ran the tests in a new no-GUI system.
> In the case of QEMU4+PVH the boot time is a little bit better but the memory
> footprint is bigger than qemu4 and qemu-lite. Here the results

Thanks Julio!

I'll investigate if we can reduce the footprint when we load the
uncompressed kernel, but I think we allocate a piece of ROM where the
kernel is stored, so when it is uncompressed, the memory used is bigger.

Just a question, are you using the bzImage with qemu-lite?


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