[kata-dev] Kata week in review (special edition!)

Hunt, James O james.o.hunt at intel.com
Fri Jun 28 16:50:06 UTC 2019

Hi All,

Since we didn't produce one of these last week, here is a two week special!

So what got merged in the last couple of weeks? Grab a koffee [1] , a kat
[2], a Kit Kat [3] and a kouch [4] and kick off your klogs [5] for the

# Documentation

- We added a new doc offering advice for writing unit tests


  This is part of an initiative to increase the unit test coverage of all
core components (
https://github.com/kata-containers/kata-containers/issues/45). Whilst we're
working on raising existing coverage levels, that also means new PRs will
need a very good excuse _not_ to include new unit tests ;) But don't worry,
we're happy to help out!

- We improved the kernel build instructions in the developer guide

  You no longer need to type in lots of commands, just run the same script
we use to build the kernel when packaging Kata Containers.


- We improved the documentation requirements document

  We suggest you read this before changing any docs ;)


# Tooling

- We changed osbuilder to produce less output

  By default, it will be "quieter" but if a command fails, you will be
shown all the output to help with debugging.

# CI and tests

- We improved the CI scripts to allow them to be called by Jenkins and

- We updated the URL checker to retry in case of network timeouts.

- We now run the Kubernetes tests on CentOS and Fedora (previously, they
were only run on Ubuntu).

- We added a spell checker to the CI

  This marks the culmination of the mini project to clean up our
documentation (https://github.com/kata-containers/kata-containers/issues/40).
Now, all doc changes will be spell checked against standard English
dictionaries and a custom dictionary we have compiled:


- We fixed the markdown checker which wasn't always actually checking
(oops! ;)


# Core system

- The "kata-check" runtime command is now able to detect more KVM
extensions on arm64 (aarch64)


- We fixed a corner-case bug so now the agent will always detect the
correct workload exit code


- We improved the time handling in the VM by stepping the time rather than
slewing it (in case of large time drifts)


- We improved the entropy for the ppc64le guest kernel:


- We updated Firecracker to 0.17.0


- We updated the guest kernel to version 4.19.52 (for CVE-2019-11477):


- We added the firecracker jailer to kata-deploy




[1] - or preferred beverage.
[2] - or preferred pet.
[3] - or preferred snack.
[4] - or preferred item of furniture.
[5] - or preferred footwear.

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