[kata-dev] virtio-fs + VM Templating

Tao Peng bergwolf at hyper.sh
Tue Jun 4 07:09:43 UTC 2019

On Tue, Jun 4, 2019 at 7:18 AM Mahalingam, Ganesh
<ganesh.mahalingam at intel.com> wrote:
> Peng, Stefan,
> While working on enabling virtio-fs on Kata there was a small confusion on whether virtio-fs can work with VM Templating. With the current setup of kata, VM templating and virtio-fs are mutually exclusive (VM templating is enabled in qemu-lite and virtio-fs currently only with NEMU), but they will converge very soon.
> An open question we had was, would they both work with each other given that VM templating turns off memory sharing for all VMs other than the first one and virtio-fs expects guest memory be shared & file-backed for all VMs.
Hi Stefan,

What happens if we specify share=on and share=off for different memory
file backends? Can virtio-fs only pick up the shared one?


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