[kata-dev] Kata Arch Committee Candidacy Declaration - Xu Wang

Xu Wang xu at hyper.sh
Sat Feb 16 13:46:42 UTC 2019

Name: Xu Wang

Email: xu at hyper.sh


I am the CTO of hyper.sh, leading the Hyper team contributing to Kata
and related communities. Before Kata, our team and I worked on runV, which
is one of the predecessors of Kata Containers. It was my great honor to
involve the creating of the Kata Containers project and became a initial
member of the Architecture Committee together with Samual Ortiz.

After having Kata Containers announced, more and more people began to
consider the container security as a solvable problem and several open
source secure container runtime projects were released in the past year.
And Kata Containers is becoming the de facto standard: we have had better
integration with containerd via shimv2, and the better CRI-O integration is
on its way; we have had more hypervisors support, such as firecracker and

For me, I focused on kubernetes integration efficiency and boot-time
related topics in the past months, and had an eye on runtime benchmarks,
multi-architecture support as well. In the future, I will pay more
attention to both the runtime development and the documentation to help
users to adopt Kata Containers.
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