[kata-dev] Kata Arch Committee Candidacy Declaration - Samuel Ortiz

Samuel Ortiz sameo at linux.intel.com
Fri Feb 15 17:34:00 UTC 2019

Name: Samuel Ortiz

Email: samuel.ortiz at intel.com


I am a software engineer at Intel where I work on different projects
related to virtualization and containers: rust-vmm, NEMU and Kata
Containers. I have been involved with Kata Containers for about 3 years
now, as I started to work on what used to be Clear Containers before the
2.0 release. I was part of the small OSF-Hyper-Intel team that worked
together to merge Clear Containers and runV into what today is Kata

I deeply believe that Kata Containers is a key project for the cloud
native ecosystem. Thanks to an ever growing community effort, we moved
it from two diverging code bases to something that can now be deployed
at scale. In order to reach that state we built a very versatile software
architecture that can adapt to a large number of use cases. On one hand
this architecture really put hardware virtualized container runtimes in
the cloud native map, but on the other hand it added complexity and in
some cases technical debt to our project. With new specifications and
APIs (runtimeClass, containerd shim v2) truly taking vm based runtimes
into account, I think it's time for us to work on simplifying and
cleaning our feature bloat and push that into Kata Containers v2.
This is what I'd like to focus on for the next few months and this is
one of the main reasons why I'd like to renew my seat at the
Architecture Committee.

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