[kata-dev] Update on CI checks (particularly replacing pullapprove checks)

Whaley, Graham graham.whaley at intel.com
Thu Feb 7 11:55:08 UTC 2019

 @ttx and I have pretty much wrapped up the move from pullapprove to using a combination of github and Zuul to replace the relevant PR CI checks. I'll give an overview here, as there are a couple of subtle differences from how pullapprove operated before.

First, we have replaced the ack/approval counting with github 'required checks': https://help.github.com/articles/enabling-required-status-checks/
All repositories are set to:
 - require two acks
 - reset the ack count if the PR changes (is updated)
 - request additional documentation team acks, *if* there is an appropriate CODEOWNERS file present in the repository

The subtle change here from pullapprove is that you **must** use the github 'review changes/approve' dialog to post your ack. If you only post a 'lgtm' comment, then github afaik will not recognize that.

Then, we have enabled the Signed-off-By and WIP/DNM checks using Zuul. You will now find two extra checks on your github PRs called 'kata-containers/SoB-check' and 'kata-containers/WIP-check'.
Those checks have a hotlink that will take you to a wiki page to explain what the checks are doing, and how to locate the relevant Zuul logs if you require. Those pages also explain what actions cause re-triggers of those checks (by default the trigger actions should make sense wrt the checks, so everything should just 'work as you would expect').

There are a couple of things we are hoping to improve here, but they may take a little time to make changes in the Zuul github integration code:
 - Ideally the hotlinks would take you directly to the job logs - that is not possible today, but is being looked into.
 - When a new Zuul check is re-triggered (by a PR change for instance), it does not update the old status on github until the job has started to run. Ideally it would change the status to something like 'pending' or 'scheduled' as soon as the trigger from github has fired. This is also being looked into at the Zuul github driver code side.

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to use the normal channels to ask myself or ttx (or the community in general).


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