[kata-dev] Status of pullapprove CI on our repos

Whaley, Graham graham.whaley at intel.com
Mon Feb 4 18:05:30 UTC 2019

From: https://github.com/kata-containers/ci/issues/98#issuecomment-460349131

An update for folks.
@ttx and I (mostly @ttx) have today been working on re-enabling pullapprove in the interim until we get Zuul tenant equivalence in place.
Due to some, shall we say, 'technical difficulties', we have had to limit the number of kata repositories that we can enable pullapprove on right now.
To that end, we current do have pullapprove for the following repos:

 * runtime
 * tests
 * agent
 * proxy
 * documentation

All other repos have pullapprove disabled. What that means for those repos right now I believe is, predominantly, the lack of:

 * 'Signed-off-by' checking
 * WIP/DNM label and subject keyword checking

I have re-sync'd all the repos that are enabled with pullapprove and hope that has updated all the pullapprove status' on the currently affected PRs.

If you see a problem with pullapprove on kata right now, then please contact @ttx and myself (either on this ticket, on slack/irc or via the mailing list), and we will do our best to sort it out.

We may have to force-merge some PRs past pullapprove right now. Let's just be sensible and ensure we do due diligence on our reviewing...


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