[kata-dev] Herder rota updates - **PLEASE CHECK**

Boeuf, Sebastien sebastien.boeuf at intel.com
Mon Nov 5 15:05:30 UTC 2018

Hi Graham,

I'll be working partially on the week of New Year, but I'm okay to review PRs anyway :)
I'll be off for Christmas week.

From: Whaley, Graham [graham.whaley at intel.com]
Sent: Monday, November 05, 2018 3:11 AM
To: kata-dev
Subject: [kata-dev] Herder rota updates - **PLEASE CHECK**

I've updated the kata herder rota the end of the year. **Note** - a few weeks there we might want to check and shuffle or annotate:
- next week (2018-11-12) The two nominees (myself and Eric) will be away from our desks - so that week is *currently empty* of herders. If you can help, please go place yourself in the table
- The week of Christmas (2018-12-24) - well, I'm pretty sure many people will not be available then. Carlos, you are currently listed in that week, you may wish to update/edit that slot!
- The week of New Year (2018-12-31) - similarly, I predict a quiet week. Frank and Sebastien - you are currently listed in that slot...

As ever, for all other herders, you may wish to check which slots you have landed in by default and update accordingly wrt your availability.
As ever - many thanks for your time and efforts!



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